February 3, 2020

At Fruition Logistics, we take pride in being Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) experts. This is the core strength of our business and a specialty that we think most, if not every business can benefit from using. We are going to kick of a blog series explaining some of the key benefits of using LTL. We will start off by explaining to our customers and the general public about some of the cost benefits and optional services that can be included when using LTL with Fruition Logistics.

For any business, overpaying and not being cost effective can limit their ability to be successful in the long term. In order to be sustainable, cutting costs is imperative. One great advantage of using LTL is that shipments can be delivered for a fraction of the cost, when compared to booking an entire truck and trailer. Because the carrier is moving multiple shipments from multiple shippers, the carrier consolidates all the shipments onto a single truck. This gives each shipper the ability to pay a fraction of the cost, because each shipper is paying only for what they are shipping, versus paying for an entire truck.

Another great benefit to using LTL with Fruition Logistics is the amount of options that comes with this type of shipping. A large number of optional services are available from LTL carriers that aren’t typically offered by FTL carriers. These service options include liftgate service at pickup/delivery, white glove deliveries, non-commercial service at pickup/delivery, freeze protection, real-time information and full visibility of freight location, reports and notifications to help you manage your LTL shipment history, and others.

Our team of LTL experts are committed to personally assist our clients and want to ensure they are seeing financial benefits to using Fruition Logistics for LTL freight. We are dedicated to helping determine the proper temperature, freight class, scheduling and more. From start to finish, our experts are with you through every step of the way. Our goal is to make sure all transported products reach their drop-off location efficiently, securely and on time.