LTL BENEFITS PART 4: Flexibility when Shipping E-Commerce Products

February 19, 2020

At Fruition Logistics, we take pride in being Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) experts. This is the core strength of our business and a specialty that we think most, if not every business can benefit from using. We are going to continue our series of explaining some of the key benefits of using LTL. In this blog, we will focus on the the growing industry of e-commerce and how LTL can help small business with the increased demand on online shopping and shipping. 

As our world continues to exponentially grow into a digital lifestyle, small businesses can see increased success overnight. Online shopping has become the norm as the consumer world continues to grow. A result of this is a large influx of manufacturers offering e-commerce options to distributors and end customers. In turn, these small businesses need to reconsider e-comm freight shipping strategies and options. 

In order to keep the e-commerce momentum going, distributors needed to  increase e-commerce options as a channel to get products to customers. These businesses are being forced to meet the consumer expectations that are being set by larger corporations, such as Amazon and Ebay. Businesses that don’t offer features like next-day delivery or returns will find it difficult to remain successful and profitable.

This is where finding a reliable logistics partner like Fruition Logistics can come into play. Fruition Logistics has the ability to help small businesses scale their operations which will undoubtedly help with profitability. By using our less-than-truckload services, we can provide flexibility for companies moving smaller quantities of materials and are able to offer lower costs per item because it increases truck capacity by moving a lot of small shipments to the same general area. This strategy allows those e-commerce companies to have more control over costs as they continue to grow. Shipment adjustments can be made based on demand and scale of operations. As these businesses continue to expand due to high demand, the LTL option will save them thousands of dollars each year.

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