Fruition Logistics is dedicated to getting to know our carriers and building long lasting relationships based on trust.
We strive to understand the needs of our carriers and drivers by providing services through our dispatch department. From checking the weather and rerouting, to over the road assistance, we’re with you every mile of the way. We appreciate our carriers working with us and value the time and money spent to upkeep your equipment, thus we strive to pay fairly to ensure the equipment is well maintained and avoid any bumps along the road. For this reason, we demand high quality service in return.You can depend on us every step of the way to ensure proper communication between your destinations and remember, here at Fruition Logistics we hold your safety as priority.

For your convenience, we offer the following Carrier Services

  • Dispatch and Driver Support
  • Dedicated long-term opportunity
  • QuickPay program
  • Electronic Invoices
  • Comcheck Fuel Advances
  • Directions when needed
TM Action – MC# 858967

Terry Muran – Owner
“Working with Fruition Logistics is easy, we always get rate confirmations on time with the all the info needed to secure pickup and delivery schedule.”

Antler Trucking – MC# 190050

Darren Mask – VP, Pricipal operations and logistics.
“Keeps good communication, making sure we get all the orders in a timely manner and accommodates our schedule for pickup and delivery.”

LTL Express the MC# 853568