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Temperature-Controlled Freight

Temperature Control & Monitoring

Fluctuations in temperature can lead to product degradation, load rejection, and even complete loss resulting in claims.

Ensuring that the refrigeration equipment is properly calibrated, well-maintained, and can handle extreme weather conditions is a constant challenge. Monitoring temperature in real-time, especially during long-distance shipments, can be difficult and costly.

We ensure that all products are transferred at the optimal temperature from loading to delivery. Our specialists create solutions tailored to your vital requirements. Your cargo will arrive maintaining the right temperature throughout its journey.

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Can I ship small orders of only 1-2 pallets?

Yes! Pay only for the truck space you need by shipping LTL

How many pallets can fit into 1 truck?

24-28, depending of the pallet dimensions 

Who schedules pickup & delivery?

We do! Fruition Logistics will coordinate everything from pickup to delivery for a painless shipping experience for you.

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Give us a call today at 312-620-1225 and speak with one of our logistics experts! Or, just complete the form above.

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